EcoBloom - Premium Plant Food for High Yield Flowering

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In Seattle, WA in 1972, inventor and avid gardener Roger Thayer developed the first commercially available soluble nutrient suitable for hydroponics, EcoGrow. He found that what was on the market at the time couldn't perform in the hydroponic systems that were quickly gaining popularity amongst high performance gardeners in the area, and soon, around the world. What he created was a completely soluble, and bio-available blend of 16 different macro and micro elements in the correct ratios for lush and healthy growth.

Shortly after, he created EcoBloom when he was asked to push even further, to create a blend designed to manipulate those healthy plants into giving the biggest yields of flowers, fruits and oils genetically possible. Word quickly spread and the hydroponics community was changed forever, fueled by new fertilizers that could keep up with the demands of high performance farming. 

Over the next 45 years, those original formulas were tweaked and fine tuned to keep up with the quickly progressing science of plant nutrition. Today, gardeners of all skill levels, and all gardening techniques from backyard soil gardening to high-end aeroponic systems enjoy the benefits of using EcoBloom.