"I been growing FOR YEARS! I've used some of the big brands and honestly looked past this product until a couple months ago. I wasn't even considering this because it wasn't a liquid in a bottle. I'm TELLING you, great nutrients don't have a fancy label. This one little jar is MUCH BETTER, COST EFFECTIVE, and easier to use than 4, 5 or 6 jugs with "cool labels". I'm excited for a harvest again! Plus the people at Element Nutrients bothered to make sure I was satisfied. Customer service 7 stars!" - ganjiuana

"I have only used this for a couple of weeks and already see the benefits. My wife and I grow orchids and other flowers that we used Flower Fuel on. It really ramps up the blooms. We began to see healthier plants and more blooms. Flower Fuel has become a cornerstone in blooming." - Amazon Customer

"Want your clones to root faster? Here you go! Element Nutrients products are second to none!" - @baldbotanist

"Helped with flowering stretch and budding on my marijuana plants! Awesome with organic soil. I did a couple of different grows with this and foxfarm trio in flowering stages and it actually out performed the foxfarm trio. They were identically grown side by side and I liked the results. This is so worth using and saving a lot of money." - Amazon Customer