Get Your Sample Pack

In 2015, we at EN set out to do things a little differently than all the others... 
We chose to only use the best and purest ingredients. Our inputs are the ones that are typically reserved for the products in the locked display cases at your local hydro shop, the ones that are hundreds of dollars a gallon. We give you an otherwise impossibly great price by only selling directly to you, the growers. You won't see ads from us in the magazines, and you won't see us in a booth at the big trade shows. What you will see is us communicating directly with the growers, helping them take their gardens to the next level. 
We're taking this entire thought process of doing things a bit differently, and applying it to our new sample program as well. Send us your e-mail address and we'll send you a link to get a full 50 gallon test of our Element Nutrients Expert Schedule. That should be enough to get a couple plants through harvest so you can see what our award-winning formulas are capable of. 
As always, thank you for your support. We're very excited for this opportunity to show you how our products can help you,
Ryan Mitchell
Owner and Founder
Element Nutrients